Monday, 17 November 2014

Best yet.

This Saturday I hauled without a doubt the nicest bike I have had the opportunity to do so.
Since starting Motor Theresa transport I have seen a lot of unusual and neat bikes.
Most off them broken sadly....
This one was just sold and headed to its new home,all I can say is wow. 
Thank you Greg for trusting me with this fine specimen.
1949 hydra glide. Second year panhead,first hydraulic front end,the O.G. Wide glide.
Still hardtailed,rocker clutch,tank shift. All fucking class.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Knife envy....

Halloween at our place is a pretty good time.
Sorry Tyler,your knife is nice,but it's just not mine......haha.
Knives have been some of the best gifts I have received.

Somewhere in Summerland.....

Stopped in Summerland at a older guys place,garage door was open and he had a lot of cool suff in his yard,driveway,garage,everywhere. Old motor homes,vintage Japanese dirt bikes,more pedal trikes than I've ever seen,even some carnival vehicles, was eclectic to say the least.
For me the cats ass was his drag bikes. The newer being built around a Buell cyclone engine. Hand made everything  else. Said they'd shot peened pretty much every part on it,reducing its overall weight to mid 300lb. Mid 10 bike. As a die hard quad cam man and Buell owner(2005 xb12s) I almost shit myself.
Tough as nails,fast,and home built. Scary and inspiring.

Apparently,the 35 years or so he spent racing his first bike paid off in building something new.
Home built from his youth,he figured his origional bike had over 800 laps on it with as many as 40 different engines. Sometimes switching at the track to run multiple classes. In the photo it has an NSU 2 stroke installed. Told me the chassis weighed in at a mere 135lb,plus whatever the given engine choice was.
The Kawasaki behind it gives you an idea of how small this thing is.
Super cool stuff,great stories. And we just stumbled across it on the side of the highway.
Motorcycle people are a very interesting bunch. No matter what they're into!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Beautiful British Columbia.

So a couple weeks ago I spent some time up in Penticton,
Riding around on my bros shovelhead chopper,as seen previously
on this site. I've been trying to explore new routes to places I have already been.
If you ride in vancouver you owe it to yourself to get to the interior as much as you can.
Soooo much road and so many rad little cities/towns.
Stopped for road construction on Westside road somewhere between 
Kelowna and Vernon. Follows the lake the whole way,tight twisty two lane.
Sadly my ride ended in Vernon,one broken wire,not a big deal except
there was no way to reach inside the case and grab the other end!
Luckily I had a friend in town to haul my ass back to the base camp!
Thanks to Bob and Byron for helpin me out.

Monday, 20 October 2014

If you gotta have crap laying around.....

Doesn't feel so bad when it's good crap!
48 pan,42 wla,69 t120,yamahahaha xs,69xlch and 61xlch. Life could be worse.