Friday, 19 December 2014

Missing summer.

East side road on the way into Penticton.
And this is a secret lake location somewhere between Penticton and Keremeos.
Where Lee turned his 69 xl into a submarine a couple years back,and then rode it back to vancouver.
Lucky to live where we do. Almost no end to the good riding.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Hollywood! Almost......

Nearly 20 years in this city and I finally got a film job!
Well my bikes did.
Some tv show I've never seen.
And I wasn't even there!
Thanks to Felix for the photos.
A real film employee......

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Super sportster Sunday!

So if you've ever met any of us round here,you know we love our sportsters.
That being said I've always grabbed pics of rad bikes I see them here and there,
and now I'd like to start sharing them with you. Some you'll have seen before,
some maybe not. May comment on them,maybe not. Might have info,or not.
Either way I hope you dig. It's rad too see people getting stoked on them,when I got my first I took a lot of flak,still do sometimes. Let face it,the only people who still shit on these tough little machines clearly don't know SHIT about motorcycles. 
Could always pop up on a super sportster Saturday too....

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Top secret slow progress photos.

Haven't put up any photos of this thing I'm working on. 
Taking my time and going for the little details.
Eventually pictures will emerge! But for now.....
Super skinny fender,nice and tight.
All blind fasteners for clean underside.
Tire contact will not be an issue.
Someday this will be a motorcycle.

Friday, 28 November 2014

What happened to these?

I had never seen one of these before we found one inside a 1960 xlch our boy Skittles just bought.
After researching I found it was manufactured by Rebco. No longer making anything motorcycle related. I discovered a number of interesting alternative primary chain tensioners for sporties,most seemed to be even more obscure. Now if you have ever owned an ironhead you know how crappy the primary tensioner is. One of the few poor design ideas on this motor. Pain to adjust and they don't last all that long. Between my 2 Xl's I've destroyed 5 I think.
Being obscure and expensive I figured the smartest thing to do was make one.
Or more accurately make a few. A little too precise and tool hardened for my skill set, I set the task to my go to super machinist. May have an extra for anyone serious enough about their xl to step up to this. Not for everyone,but I built my ironhead to go and I can't wait to get this in there.
The upside of the whole thing is that I believe the materials and fit and finish of this reproduction are much better than the origional. Shame that once installed you can't see it!
Thanks much to Gord,Dave and Dan at Smith.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Bad tattoos?

Every biker should have some!
But in case you just can't live with it,the answer.....
Don't know who "Doc Wilson" is but his logo is oddly like "Burts bees".
Coincidence? Don't know. Why spend the time,money and pain of getting
Lazered? Cream,9 minutes a week? Sign me up before I ruin my marriage!